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About Us


Travel Girl!

It is about her that we think about when creating clothes. We want MDST to be a constant travel companion for every special girl.

We carefully select materials, taking care of the quality of our product. After all, it should be equally convenient for you to move around the world: a soft sweatshirt will provide a comfortable flight on an airplane, a stylish suit will go to explore a new city with you, besides, the versatility allows you to combine it with any shoes and outerwear, floating tunics collect admiring glances during the sea walks, and in a set of flax you can easily endure a hot day in the city.

MDST clothing is about comfortable beauty. One in which you feel so confident and relaxed that you forget where clothes end and body begins.


Each time you open your wardrobe, you will remember that in this swimsuit you collected shells for a handmade necklace, and this dress still remembers that fantastic pasta from a small restaurant on the shore. And keeps a secret about the second dessert. That suit over there will remind you of the smell of peach trees, and will return a state of light carelessness. For a visit to the museum, you chose a voluminous hoodie, which can be considered a piece of art - all the drawings on it were made by hand by an illustrator. On that day, it seemed to you that even the statue of David could not hide its admiring gaze, looking at you.

We are driven by the desire to make more than just clothes. We make clothes that create memories.